Muuratsalo Experimental House

Aalto’s experimental house on Muuratsalo island is really a place worth of visiting. There are guided tours arranged daily on summertime.

Besides the official guide, my Italian architect guest, Chiara, pointed me interesting architectural solutions and Aalto’s ideas e.g. about the scale of buildings. The summer house itself from the inside feels like normal Finnish summer cottage – but the patio really made an impression: the free use of different tiles and forms on walls and the spectacular view over the lake Päijänne! We could also able to see the tower of Muurame church on the other side of the lake.

I’m sure that the visit gave good material for Chiara’s thesis. Unfortunatelly thesis will be published in Italian, but maybe in some day it is available also in English! In the end of the visit she was the most happy to be able to eat bilberries directly from bushes – that is something you can’t do in archives or in Florence 🙂


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