Jyväskylä workers’ club

I had never noticed the house while walking through the street corner. But my AirBnb guest insisted to visit “Jyväskylä workers’ club”. So I made some googling and found a telephone number to book a visit for us. Gianluca is a young Italian architect working in Switzerland. Before visiting the Club we had already explored the Säynätsalo Town Hall, Muurame church and AaltoAlvari, the swimming hall. While Gianluca is now visiting the Muuratsalo Experimental House, I have time to purge some images from our visit to the Aalto’s first significant public building: The Jyväskylä Workers’ Club.

Once again I took a lot of images of details. Of course the reason is partly technical: I can’t fit the whole room in a single image. Maybe I need to get a wide angle lens for my camera… But also because the beauty is in details. Aalto wanted to design also door handles, furniture, lamps, etc. Let us see how the details speak for themselves.

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