Säynätsalo Town Hall is open!

I have been working this week to get “Aaltoinfo” open. The town of Jyväskylä and Aalto Museum have helped me a lot with furnishing the office. Opening will be at 4th of October. Winter time might be quiet by visitors, but as I am able to work on my other projects at the same office, it is going to work out!

While I have been carrying furniture and organizing things here, I have already had five tourists trying to explore the house. The first young architect student helped me to carry some tables downstairs 🙂 Two couples – one asian and one from Argentina – were walking around the building and were very happy to get also inside. All of them have been architects or architect students. I am waiting more of interesting people to visit my info!

I am also able to book two guestrooms in the building. You will find details on Also My AirBnb is still open.

Aalto Museum’s head of customer service Pia Poskiparta has also helped me to get some books, posters and other small Aalto items to be sold at the Info. And on top of that, also some items from Sukarwood will be available!

Aalto info facts

Open 4th Oct – 22th Dec 2016

Entrance to Aalto Info is free. Coffee, tea and cold drinks are on sale.

Säynätsalo Town Hall entrance fee contains short quiding to the 2nd and 3rd level of the building.

  • 8 e/person,
  • 20 e/family ticket 1-2 adults+children

Opening hours

  • Tuesday 12-18
  • Thursday 12-18
  • Sunday 14-18

If you want to enter the building outside the opening hours, call
Mr. Harri Taskinen  GSM +358 40 1971 091.

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