Accomodation in the Town Hall


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At Säynätsalo Town Hall there are two guest rooms available for rental. The rooms are named after architect Alvar Aalto and his wife – Alvari (7 m²) and Elissa (10 m²). Alvar Aalto and his wife often stayed in the rooms.

The rooms are single rooms (extra bed available) and equipped with fridge, microwave owen, coffee maker, electric kettle, kitchen ware, towels and sheets. The rooms share toilet and shower facilities. The windows open to patio.


There is also an AirBnb room available.

Would you like to visit the world famous Säynätsalo Town Hall designed by Alvar Aalto and be able to stay for a night inside the house!

This AirBnb stay accomodates 1-2 persons for a night. Owner stays in the same apartment but you will have your own privacy. Apartment is in a separate section from Town Hall itself. Town Hall and library are open by their schedules.


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