Winter is coming!

Winter is already around the corner! It was dark this morning when I went to get some catering for today’s group who had their meeting at the Town Hall. And now it is dark already when I am about to close the Info. The fountain on the center piazza is covered with plywood… Let the snow come!

Today was a busy day. In addition to the group having their meeting, there was a group of chinese students – eight of them – a japanese student, an american architect and a local entrepreneur discussing about possible co-operation. Also a short meeting with town representative was held talking about the future of the Town Hall.

The experimental House on Muuratsalo island is now closed for the winter, and that may effect to the reservations of the guestrooms. Quite many visitors plan only a day trip to Säynätsalo. Many of them are also surprised about the opportunity to spend a night inside the building. “Maybe next time!” 🙂

I took one picture of the illuminated Town Hall to attach here on top of this blog entry. I’m planning to wake up tomorrow early and make a photo gallery about the dark morning of Säynätsalo. Stay tuned!

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