5 am

It was not easy to wake up at 5 am. I snoozed alarm twice but succeeded to open my eyes properly after 10 minutes. And it wasn’t easy to take photographs in a dark morning! Next time i atleast have to take a tripod with me to avoid blurry images.

Almost full moon was shining behind some clouds and quite a lot lights were on. S-Market had only some dim ligth inside, the bright neon signs were off. The supermarket is opened at 7 am, so maybe the lights are lit then. The high chimney of the UPM plywood mill and the smoke and steam around it was picturesque, but I didn’t get any good images out of it. I totally lost the manual focusing! Human eye is so flexible to adjust light that what we see is perfect description of the surrounds. Of course brains have to calculate and filter a lot of information before the picture is ready for our understanding.

It was just over 5 am and the village wasn’t totally quiet. At Nykä-mummos bakery carelian pies were already baked, the mill was making some noise and spurting steam, someone was speeding with a car on the main street… Also a rabbit was walking around but I didn’t even try to talk it to be photographed.

A different angle to Säynätsalo and Town Hall!

At 6 am I went back to sleep 🙂


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