Guests from Japan

A group of Japanese architects was visiting Säynätsalo Town Hall this week. They came already in the evening and four of them stayed in the guest rooms inside the Town Hall building. Two of them spent the night in an other apartment just 400 meters away.

In the morning they all enjoyed “Finnish breakfast” in one of the office rooms furnished with Artek tables and L leg chairs. Normal Finnish breakfast was enriched with handmade billberry jam.


All six visitors work for Takenaka Corporation. Takenaka describes itself on the web site: “Takenaka Corporation is among Japan’s oldest general contractors with a long history rich in tradition that spans over 400 years and includes creating a large number of Japan’s most prominent architectural landmarks. Since 1960, Takenaka has also established offices in many foreign countries and over the years has been the recipient of many design, technique and quality awards.”

When the coffee mugs were empty and all background information was discussed through, the group was led to different interesting rooms and spaces in the building. Probably the most interesting room is the council chamber at the third floor. Architects were messuring the space with their eyes and pointing out the details while listening the stories about Aalto and the building.

When it was the time for the group to leave I got an very impressive gift from them. I opened the beautifull box after visitors had left and documented the details of the “Ninin Shizuka Confictionery” when tasting the unique taste of wasabonto sugar. All the details of the box are well thought and the box forms a whole piece of art – just as alsoTown Hall does.

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