A bear inside the Town Hall!

Now you can meet a bear at Säynätsalo Town Hall! On the window bench of the Town Hall Info there is one ceramic sculpture by Tapani Kurttila. The bear is sitting and smiling (?) on the warm bench and waiting for visitors – and perhaps also a new home!

Tapani Kurttila is an artist from Säynätsalo. His animal sculpures are spontaneus and born without advance planning. Kurttila has earlier worked as a conservator in the Natural History Museum and scene painter and sculptor in the National Opera of Finland.

Animal figures are credible and raise feelings in the spectators. Kurttila says that his artworks are kind of conductors between people. Work of art makes it possible for spectators to start interaction and understand each other better. “I believe that in this way we can feel our existence meaningful.”

Kurttila works with clay, wood, bronze and in bigger statues polyurethan and glass fibre. All statues are unique.

Besides this one bear sculpture seen in the Info room, Kurttila has his studio and more sculpture and paintings inside the Town Hall. A visit to meet the artist and explore the hidden side of the Town Hall can be arranged! Unique sculpture are on sale and the price can be settled with the artist. Please inform in good time before your visit, if you want to visit the studio!



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