Seven Spanish and one Mexican guest

Last week just before May Day we had a nice group of architects, designers and students visiting the Town Hall. One of them was from Mexico and seven from Spain. They had rented a minibuss and their base in Finland was Sysmä. Sysmä is a small village “in the middle of nowhere” 100 kilometers from Säynätsalo. We got a message a day before they arrived: “Due to weather condition we would like to delay the visit to 10:30 am”… Weather was very windy and cold and it was snowing that morning, but they arrived on time and spent some hours at the Town Hall.

davOne member of the group had even time to make a quick aquarelle sketch of the building.

We talked about the May Day and the Finnish way to celebrate it. The weather turned finally to be quite warm and sunny on the actual May Day – 1st of May.  Let’s hope the group could enjoy some picnic that they were planning to do! The reason why Sysmä was their base was that they wanted to experience the Finnish forests and lakes – and the wild nature. Sysmä is a good choice for all that! Links to Finnish Natural parks might have given them some good ideas for their remaining days in Finland.

Best time to visit Säynätsalo?

As many of our quests this group also started to plan a new visit to Säynätsalo during the summer. All four seasons have their own benefits, but summer might be the best time to visit Säynätsalo. For example Muuratsalo Experimental house – Aalto’s summer house – is open only between 1.6.–15.9. Guided tours are arranged by Aalto Museum on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1.30pm (in August Monday-Friday at 1.30pm).

Spring is time for those who want to feel the nature wake up, birds singing early in the morning and see the lakes get rid of their ice cover.

Autumn is the time for nature lovers. You can walk in the forests, pick berries or mushrooms.

Winter is quiet time, but if your interests are freezing weather, snow or even sports like skating on a frozen lake or skiing – it is your season!

The Town Hall appears also different during seasons. The light and shadow on walls and corners changes all the time. The overwhelming green of summer is suddenly away and everything is grey and more grey in its own charming way 🙂

saykkipohjaStay overnight at the Town Hall

Did you know the Säynätsalo Town hall can take as many as 8-10 visitors to stay over night! Two people in the guestrooms, four in Hugo and two in Henrik. Both guestrooms also have extra beds available to accommodate one extra person each.

More information and bookings:
If you are not able to book room through these links, please send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you out!




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