Visit Säynätsalo

Yesterday we had around 50 visitors who came to Säynätsalo by boat from Jyväskylä centre. They were tourism entrepreneurs and staff of Visit Jyväskylä organization. All of them wanted to hear about Säynätsalo Town Hall and different services that Visit Jyväskylä offers during the summer. There are various guided tours around Jyväskylä and even Säynätsalo and Muuratsalo.


davIt has been busy days for me, because my assistant Lauha has been enjoying her weekly days offs. But I guess she has been also following the “Resource Wisdom and Biosphere areas in UBC cities” meeting. I am sure we will hear about this later! Guestrooms and apartments are at the moment fully booked and our breakfast served in the Town Hall has been succesfull – almost all overnight guests wake up with our own Town Hall Special coffee! Today there was also 40 students visiting Town Hall from the Lehtisaari school and from their friendship school in Debrecen, Hungary. On top of that I am glad to host Katie and  Brandon from USA, Colorado. They are helping me with the images and brochures we need to market our activities, guestrooms and apartments… And this evening we go to Table en Bois to meet some local people to plan our new map (printed and online) about Säynätsalo area for visitors.

My day off will be next Monday 🙂


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