Theyaam in Kannur

You can watch the YouTube clip or read and browse the images here.

I was lucky to see some northern Keralan Theyyam, Hindu traditional ceremonial dances, and rituals. Luckily I happened to talk about my need to see Theyaam, and the owner of my homestay in Kannur told me that his family will have an all-day and night event suitable for my travel plans. So, I headed to their family temple, Cheneprath Nambiyandi Vayanattukulavan Temple, late Tuesday evening. The dance was just beginning…

I met some of the family members, and they told me that the family organizes all: the ritual, performed by people from other castes, food for everyone… Everyone is welcomed who hears the drumming. Local boys and girls were introducing themselves and asking where I came from, what are my name and favorite football player… Some of them kept me company and practiced their English skills while waiting for the next ritual dance.

The wife of my homestay owner joined me for a friendly and spicey dinner.

Actors were males, as far as you can see through the face masks (not the Covid19 masks…), colorful paintings, and dresses. And a big belly! I think the leading actor (the god for the day) needs to fill him up before the play. He dances, runs around, sings, and makes faces the whole evening and night until the sun rises. I was leaving after midnight, so I didn’t see the final costume and ritual at 5 am… I took here a screen capture of the full outfit; the video was sent to me by a friendly family member.

Thank you for the spectacular experience!

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